After-School Tutoring

Parents who don’t have access to affordable, quality care after school worry about the well-being of their unsupervised children. In their state of neglect, boredom and loneliness, these children are tempted to indulge in harmful, dangerous and unhealthy activities. Studies have shown that after-school tutoring programs have a positive effect on the overall development of students. These programs not only facilitate support for the students, but also the parents and the whole community. In today’s age, when both parents are working, it has become difficult for them to keep a check on the daily activities of their children. Your car donation, other contributions and even your voluntary support is extremely important and can keep kids away from harm.

Think about this – the term “Homework” is apt for the children who have a place they can truly call “Home”. So many kids don’t have this luxury, except in their dreams. A dream that we wish to change to reality for at least for those we can reach…with your help.

Help us build a Homework Center that will provide:

  • a safe, secure and supervised after-school environment
  • volunteer tutors offering homework help
  • school supplies and essentials
  • recreational facilities
  • nutritious after-school snacks and lunches during the school year and in the summer time

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Your donation can help us create quality after-school programs that can have a tremendous impact on academics, self-esteem and overall happiness and adjustment of economically disadvantaged children.
Call us today, to donate your car, or make a contribution that will jump start our Homework Center.

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