180 Life Skills Program

Our enrichment programs are designed to further develop student’s ethics and morality through character education and competition.  Through various programs students will develop the social and emotional skills that will allow them to exemplify the attributes of sportsmanship through cooperation and competition.

We have discovered that young people grow and flourish in academics and athletics when they are in an environment where:

  • They are known

  • They are cared for

  • They are valued

  • They are in meaningful relationships with an adult/ youth leader/mentor

What is 180?
Is a compilation of comprehensive, research based and measurable approaches of intense instructional, participatory and interactive character and life skills education that is based upon core values. Youth who complete the 180˚ Program learns to be critically self‐aware and actively socially conscious. They reflect on core values, and then use those core values to evaluate qualities of character, such as empathy, respect, responsibility, and integrity. Once they have spent time wrestling with these concepts, they begin to learn concrete life skills like setting and achieving goals, identifying and dealing with peer pressure, being courageous, regulating their emotions, resolving conflict, and thinking critically.

The 180 Program covers issues such as:

  • How to effectively deal with feelings (feelings of identification & emotions management)

  • How to effectively deal with Stress (deep breathing and positive self-talk)

  • How to use Friendship skills (initiating conversation, joining in, and making friendships)

  • How to effectively use Conflict resolution (anger management and problem solving skills)

Your donation helps us to create quality life skills programming that can have a tremendous impact on academics, self-esteem and inter-personal relationships of at risk youth.

Call us today, to donate your car, or make a contribution that will allow students to enroll in this important Life Skills program.

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