• Why We Exist?
    The issues of crime, drugs, lack of male role models, poor educational advancement, teen pregnancy and many other problems endemic to the inner city have all well been documented. The...
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  • Our Solution
    Our mission is to serve the community by reaching and teaching youth through sports and academic assistance. We promote positive self-images by providing an environment of coaches, mentors and tutors...
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Latest News

  • PSA Vikings Coaches Corner
    Founder/Head Coach – Tometrius “Coach Tee” Paxton Email Coach Tee or Call (650)-740-7055 Assistant Coach...

Our Advantages

Programs are available for players of all skill levels from beginners to advanced.
Invitation and try-out only teams participate in both national and regional tournaments.
The program is intended for highly motivated and dedicated players interested in advancing their play to the next level.

Services Overview

  • PSA has an academic branch of our organization.
  • we offer academic mentors to support our high school and grade age athletes in being responsible and successful with their school coursework.
  • This mentoring may include weekly meetings, study plans, progress evaluations and identifying resources to overcome learning barriers.
  • The Vikings also offer subject specific tutoring program and computer technology workshops.