When We Leave ~ We Taking the Gym HOME With Us

Forward, to the new records!

Are We?

Paxton Sports Academy is a non-profit youth development organization that offers support and comprehensive services to underserved youth. Through targeted programs, workshops, and mentoring we seek to inspire youth to strive for success on and off the court by focusing on three critical areas: Academic assistance, Leadership Development and Citizenship.

We Do?

The focus of the services that we provide to each youth are: mentorship, academic tutoring, and life skills character development courses to build postive behaviors and life enrichments through playing elite level travel basketball (AAU) to all youth.  Basketball is just the tool that PSA uses to inspire our youth to strive and believe that they can be a productive role model, leader, and citizen.


Our mission is to serve our community by reaching and teaching our youth through sports, character development, and academic assistance. We promote positive self-images by providing an environment of coaches, mentors and tutors who believes in our youth. We encourage them to embrace the highest values and sense of responsibilities to their families, peers and communities.


“SOME people say that leaders are born, while others say they are made through life’s experiences. At PSA it won’t matter, our comprehensive programming focuses on the personal development of the whole student athlete and encourages growth in the critical areas that will help each student excel in the classroom as well as on the court.”
President – Tometrius Paxton

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